Helpdesk & Escalations

24 hour support for Fault Management, Emergency Response Call-Outs, Lone Worker Support and Business Continuity Plans.

We have 150 clients from all sectors, 70 of which use our in and out of hours call-handling service which is often imperative to providing their clients with a 24 hour call-out service. From creating case reference numbers and conducting the escalation and call-out from our own system, to working directly on their portals, our software and telephony system is extremely flexible.

How our escalation process can work for you

The escalation process is configured by who to escalate to and how. Engineer or on-call system look-ups are generated through postcode, company, store number, product-based or by the nature of the problem. Drop down menus can be added or taken away at any point, and call-flow set up to lead to a follow up question which is dependent on the previous answer or wraps up the call. This ensures that the problem is matched up to the on-call of the appropriate geographic location or area of expertise and is set up to take as little time as possible, resulting in the most cost-effective solution for our clients as well as callers.

Details can be communicated through calls, emails, SMS text message or a mixture of all with any given chosen interval of time between them, the process is entirely flexible and configured according to the client’s wishes.

Facilities Management makes up a large portion of our client base for obvious reasons. Giving our  call-handlers access to work directly off their portals provides clarity for our clients’ employees and contractors, gives managers direct  access to details without having to read through call-logging reports as well as amend rotas at their convenience, and enables their overall service to be faster and more effective.

Bespoke call reports alert the client to the calls that require further action on the next working day so that they can be dealt with as a priority, as this function fits some business model better.

If you’re worried about Health and Safety compliance to industry standards or the vulnerability of company workers, we offer a Lone Worker Support service to our clients at a one-off set up cost of £50. It can either be set for certain times or On-Calls can activate Lone Worker Support themselves; this means the On-Call agrees to a certain time of completion for the job when accepting the case, and if the contact centre has not been called back to close the case by the agreed time, we then make contact and follow a separate escalation procedure if not successful. 

An SMS text message can also be sent as a reminder to employees that they are on-call before their shift.

We provide Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans, measures which are vital to have in place in order to retain customers and aid customer confidence. 

Franchises also benefit from a central point of contact to dispatch enquiries to the correct businesses and answer FAQ’s by phone or Live Chat, optimising on lead generation and minimising time-wasting on either side.


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Our Services


Our 24 hr phone answering service customised to your business needs.

Emergency Call-Outs

24 hour support for fault management, call outs, lone-worker support, engineer callouts.

Live Chat
& Social Media

Your live chat and social media handled 24/7 by professional individuals.

Other contact
Centre functions

Our contact centre has the capacity to manage multilingual calls, manage card payments and work in conjunction with cart abandonment sites.


24 Hour
Contact Centre

We represent our customers by providing cover for emergency call-outs, lone-worker monitoring, general over-spill and out of hours coverage made to suit the specification of our clients, as well as handling the total call activity for many clients.

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